Live Casino Gaming

Ever since the introduction of online casinos, more and more people are now focused on sitting at their homes and playing games on online casinos rather than going to a land based casino. Keeping in view the popularity among gamblers, these online casinos constantly keep on updating and getting better with time by adding new games and features to their library. One such feature is the live casino, which allows playing games that give users an amazing and real experience of playing casino games as if they were standing inside a land based casino. In this article we will be discussing some important aspects of live casinos, what advantages do they bring, and how they have added to the overall online casino industry as a whole. Some of the top online casino sites in Canada and the world make live casinos an essential part of their gaming experience.

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Background and history

In the online gaming world, real-time gaming has become an essential part of it. Similarly, live casinos were introduced to add some additional features to the online casino gaming experience by making it far more interactive and close to reality. 

The very first instance of an online casino dates back to mid 90’s and soon after some developments, live casinos emerged. The advancement in technology-enabled the casino providers to bring the real casino experience to your homes in the virtual form. During the initial stages, there used to be only a single dealer available with just a single table. These live casino games were also available to be played for a few hours each day. Soon this advancement continued and they started to add more games and also the number of dealers that you could interact with. 

In the beginning, they started off with live roulette and live blackjack and soon added more games to it such as baccarat, live craps, and poker games, etc. Nowadays, you don’t only have a wide variety of gaming options but you also have a choice of multiple dealers to choose from and these games are available 24/7. While at the beginning this was something really exciting for the casino players to be able to watch real dealers and interact with them just by sitting at homes, soon this trend becomes a necessity for any online casino to have. 

The newest update to this amazing gaming option is the introduction of live casinos on Television. Most of these online casinos allow its players to participate in live casinos through a TV broadcast feature. 

live casino

How does it work?

In live casinos, the game table and the dealer are transmitted to you live through a high quality (video) stream, and you bet on the table directly from your computer or mobile device, using the buttons as you normally would in an online game. This stream is recorded in studios created by different software and game providers.

In these games, you also have the chance to interact with the dealer or the host as they are known. You can even communicate with the other people on your table, experiencing an immersive environment that recreates the atmosphere of the best casinos in the world. All of this happens directly from your home, or wherever you are, whenever you want. Live casino tables usually operate 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Live casino software providers

Online casino providers work in collaboration with some of the software providers to bring this ultimate live casino experience to gamers all around the world. These games are played in the studios and the world’s best gaming software providers make sure that you get endless and high quality streaming for your live casino experience. Some of the most famous software providers include Evolution Gaming, Playtech, NetEnt, Ezugi, Extreme live gaming, authentic gaming, etc. 

Importance of a quality software provider

The real aim of a live casino is to come up with a gaming experience that makes the player feel as if they are sitting at their favorite land-based casino and enjoying the game. This can be achieved only if the games developed by the software providers are giving high-quality video experience for the players. Moreover like any other game, the user interface matters in the live casinos as well. The navigation should be easy and the player could easily communicate with the dealers or with other players available on the table. A good quality software provider would ensure that the interface is user-friendly so that there are no problems while playing on a live casino. 

Software providers are responsible for determining whether a particular game is liked or disliked by the players. This is mainly because a good quality software provider would keep in view all the factors required in developing a high quality game and more people will play it. A game with distorted video quality, difficult to use interface is never liked by the players and will impact the gaming experience. 

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Games included in a live casino

When it comes to the choice of gaming, there is no end to the list. The best online casinos offer a great range of casino games to play and enjoy the real-time gaming experience. Some of these games are blackjack, roulette, Baccarat, Sic bo, Live hold em, etc. 

The roulette

The game takes place at a betting table run by a dealer and a carousel-style device that runs on a fixed disk-shaped base. The roulette has 37 numerical houses also called pockets, which indicates the result of the draw. The ball is thrown by the dealer who is in charge of the table and it stops into any of the pockets on the roulette. A player can hit bets on multiple pockets at once. There are different types of roulette games such as American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette. 

American roulette

In American roulette, there is an additional zero on the roulette wheel as well as the playing field. This addition of zero means that you have a lesser chance of winning and the casino has a chance of getting a higher profit. Along with that, you can bet on numbers from 1-38.

European roulette

European roulette is slightly different as it has a betting range of 1-36 while it is played with a single zero.

French roulette

French roulette is pretty much similar to European roulette, the only difference being a reduced number of betting options on the wheel.


Blackjack is probably one of the most popular games in casino gaming, it involves a lot of strategies, and players can have an impact on the outcome. The game puts player versus the dealer and is played with one or more than one deck of cards. Once all players have their cards in hand, the dealer checks if anyone holds a natural Black Jack hand that is an Ace and a figurative card.

Should any of the participating players have such a hand, a payout of 32 possibilities is immediately awarded to the player. Unless the dealer holds an Ace, all the players are offered as a “safe” or if the dealer holds a figurative card, moreover, the dealer may also have a BlackJack.

Live Blackjack


In poker, you have to deal with 5 cards that are facing up and you can exchange these cards in different combinations to get a winning combo. The highest hand is ‘five of a kind’ or depending on the game you play it can be a “Flash Royal”, the other strong  hands that a player could get is “four of a kind”, “Full House” “Three of a kind”, “Flash” “Two pairs”, and others

Some other kinds of poker games include: Hold’em Jumbo, Texas Hold’em, 3 cards poker, Carribean stud poker, three card poker, etc. 


Baccarat is another popular casino game that has gained popularity due to its easiness, simple rules, and higher profits. It is one of the players versus banker games where you have to beat the dealer with a bet.

Baccarat players have three betting options, the player, the banker bet, or a tie. You win the game if your bet matches the value in hand. The hand value close to 9 has a chance of winning the game. Moreover, if the player has a total of 0 to 5, then the player will draw a third card, however, the player gets to stand with the initial total of 6 or 7. The same is the rules with the banker cards.


Craps is a dice game played in casinos. On a crap table, there is a supervisor (the boxman), a cashier, and a stickman. The stickman would push the dice and calls out results. Out of the 8 players, every player will be allowed to roll the dice. The first dice roll is known as come-out-roll. Depending upon what numbers it lands, the winner and loser are decided.

Other games 

You can also come across less popular casino games and its variations in live casinos, including Dream catcher, Spin a win, 3 card brag, live monopoly, Bingo, deal or no deal, etc. 

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Bonuses and gifts with live casinos

The most attractive feature of any online casino is its promotions and bonuses. People look for welcome bonuses, loyalty bonuses, and other promotions so that they have a chance to get some reward while they enjoy these games.

Welcome bonus 

The welcome bonuses are key to almost all of the live casinos available. It gives a player a head start as soon as they start with a new game. You can either get free spins, a no deposit cashback, free bets, and other such bonuses. 

Deposit bonuses

Then some casinos offer you bonuses on deposits, these bonuses depend upon the choice of your live casino. Some casinos offer cash backs while others give some additional money on the percentage of the deposit. 

Loyalty programs

Live casinos also give their regular users different kinds of VIP and loyalty bonuses. This can be availed after either a certain number of deposits or the time they have been on the website. 

Promotional bonuses

At times casinos also offer offers and discounts during different events such as Christmas, New Year, Independence Day (Depending upon your location), and other such offers. 

Device compatibility 

Most of the live casinos available online can be played on any device you want to. While most of the people would want to enjoy the experience on larger screens such as their Monitors or laptops, you can still enjoy the gaming experience in your mobile phones as well as tablets. It is supported on all platforms Android, iOS, and Windows. The biggest advantage of these games is that it provides a real casino gaming experience at your convenience. You could be on the move, in your office break and still can play these games. 

Live Casino on Mobile

Technical requirements of playing a live casino

When it comes to technical requirements there is not a lot that these games demand from you. If you are willing to play these games what you need is a laptop, computer, mobile phone, or tablet. You can even play on Television in some instances. The other essential supply you need is a good internet connection. It would let you enjoy the games without any lag while you are playing. Live casinos require real-time gaming and video streaming which requires you to have an excellent internet connection. The next thing you need is a microphone and headphone so that you can communicate with the dealers. Once you have these items you just have to log in to an online casino account and enjoy the game. 

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Live Casino games vs Software based games

Online casino games have had huge success over the years. With the evolution of technology, it has made things really exciting for casino players. New updates are making online casinos worth their time. These updates are effecting both live casinos and software-based casinos, but how are they different from each other?

Real life experience

Live casinos are intended to provide you with a similar atmosphere you will find on a land-based casino. All of that from the comfort of your house. 

Software-based games rely on different themes to get the players attracted. Although it almost as fun as the live casino. But it still fails to give you that feeling of being in a land-based casino. These casinos are mainly relying on animations. 

RNG vs Live Dealer

In a software based casino, the game results are generated through the Random number generator. This means that results are calculated by computer algorithms.  

On the other hand, in live casinos, the results of the game are determined by live dealers, it’s not based on computer calculated algorithms. Results are prepared by the live dealers. 

How to Choose Live Casino

Choosing the right live casino

For the best experience, the choice of a live casino matters a lot. There are a lot of things and features that you should consider while selecting the right online casino.

High quality video streaming

One essential feature is that it provides high-quality video streaming. This is important in order to make sure that the players get a feeling that they are playing at a real casino. A lagging video would not serve this purpose and would result in the player leaving the game. Moreover, if the video quality is not good the playing experience would not be the same and it would better to play another online casino game rather than live casino. 


While selecting an online casino, you must not disregard the importance of a secure website. The top online casino Canada ensures that your personal information is secure. You should always look for an online casino that provides SSL encryption and secure payment methods. Make sure that all your personal information is safe. 


Always check if the casino is licensed by a genuine authority. It is a must for an online casino to be approved by a reputable organization. You need to be sure that the games are reliable and legal. 


We have already discussed the importance of good software and how it can affect your gaming experience. To enjoy the live casino to its full potential you should seriously consider the quality of software providers.


Some of the casinos provide amazing bonuses to attract their customers, and if you are playing live casino to earn some money then you should definitely look for the bonuses and rewards that it has in store for you.

Choice of games

Often with land based casinos, the problem is that as a player you do not have access to a lot of games, with online live casinos, you have a choice of many games to play. 

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Land Based Casinos Vs. Live Casino

Land-based casinos are the ones that you would find in resorts, in big cities and are a fun place to hang out. You can earn some money while having a great time out in the city. There is a whole different atmosphere in these casinos and you get to meet a lot of new people and compete with them while you play casino games. 

However, these casinos are not easily accessible for everyone as they are few and far apart. Also, if you are introvert then you would not like the crowd present in these casinos. Not everyone can afford to go and play in the live casino. 

Live casinos otherwise, offer a great solution, and are easily accessible to almost anyone. You will not be required to go out of your comfort zone and enjoy casino games. You can be busy with your same routine and spare a few moments to play at a live casino. 

Advantage of a live casino

  • Convenience. 
  • Real-time gaming.
  • Live dealers. 
  • Close to the real atmosphere.
  • Competition is not that tough. 


  • Not exactly a real casino, especially if you are looking for a real casino atmosphere and interaction with people. 
  • Must have a strong internet connection at all times.
  • Minimum stakes for the players.


These live casinos are taking over the casino gaming by storm, getting more and more updates on a regular basis which adds to the overall gaming experience. People who play online casino games are enjoying this advancement. The software providers are making constant updates that would make these casinos as close to reality as possible. However, it has gained a huge amount of popularity and with its wide range of games. Players cannot miss out on this amazing experience that the live casino brings to the table. 


Live casinos are making sure that the games are provided by the best software providers. All of these games are compatible with a mobile phone as well.

If you want to play different live casino games on multiple devices at the same time you can do that. But you would not be able to focus on one game at a time. 

Most of the casino sites offer SSL encryption which makes these casinos safe to play. 

The different website offers different ways of registering, that you will need to see at the website itself. However, selecting these websites is discussed in detail in the article above.

The main rules usually are the same, for live casinos, as well as for software-based casinos.

The live streaming on live casinos is only a one-way stream and the players remain completely anonymous.

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