How to Become a Casino VIP or High Roller

If you’re familiar with the world of gambling, you may have come across the term ‘high roller’. This refers to a gambler who has a healthy budget and frequently spends large amounts of money on casino games. A high roller places big bets hoping to bring in even bigger wins. Players on smaller budgets don’t tend to place risky bets, whereas high rollers can afford to take risks as they have the funds to survive some losses. In this article, we’ll run you through the basics of high rollers and VIP clubs at online casinos in Canada

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VIP Programs at Online Casinos

Most real-money online casinos have a VIP club. Basically, this is a special invite-only club that’s set aside for high rollers and other loyal players. Hence to become a member, you typically have to spend quite high sums of money at the casino fairly regularly. Of course, the exact requirements differ from one casino to the next. Usually, if you meet the requirements and you’ll be sent an invitation automatically. To become a VIP all you have to do is accept it. At many casinos, you’re encouraged to contact customer support if you think you deserve to become a club member but haven’t yet received an invitation.

Once a member, you have access to the casino’s most exclusive rewards, bonuses, and promotions. These include things like personalized special offers, faster withdrawal times, better customer support, and even invitations to real-life events. Moreover, VIP clubs are accessible on all devices. Whether you prefer mobile casinos or desktop ones – it doesn’t matter. Play on any device and you’ll be able to benefit from what the VIP club has to offer.

Online casino VIP and high rollers

Why Should You Become a VIP / High Roller?

Unfortunately, not everyone gets to become a VIP. Only the big spenders and the most dedicated of players do. So qualifying for an invitation can require a lot of your time and money. But is it worth making the effort to become a VIP? It can be, provided the casino’s VIP club has enough perks to keep you satisfied.

You should make the effort to become a VIP if the perks seem good enough for you. Before signing up to an online casino, you should be able to find out what sort of advantages there are to becoming a VIP. To do this, simply find the casino’s VIP page and there should be a summary of the sorts of rewards you’ll get for joining the club. If you’re the sort of player who enjoys getting special treatment and likes to feel rewarded, the VIP club is for you.

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Special Perks for High Rollers

We’ve already mentioned some of the perks that VIPs get to enjoy. Here’s a more detailed account of what to expect:

  • Special bonuses – You should receive some extra casino bonuses when you become a VIP, and may get more every week or month.
  • VIP-only promotions – Many casinos have promotions that only VIPs can take part in; these can include cash giveaways and special competitions with expensive prizes.
  • Higher betting limits – At some online casinos, the maximum amount you can bet is increased for some games when you become a VIP.
  • Better customer support – VIPs often have priority access to customer support.
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits – When you become a VIP, your deposit and withdrawal limits are usually increased – this is to cater for high rollers.
  • Faster withdrawals – One of the top VIP perks is faster withdrawals. VIPs don’t have to wait as long as regular players for their winnings to reach them.
  • Invitations to live events – Lots of online casinos host real-life events that the top players are invited to.

The best online casinos have lots of perks set aside for VIPs. Again, the exact line-up of perks can vary greatly, but most top-rated casino sites should have plenty of them for the top players to enjoy. 

Games Offering High Bet Limits

Of all the casino games you’ll find at a typical online casino, it’s table games and live dealer games that tend to have the highest bet limits. Slots can have quite high limits too, but many of them cater to budget players and have lower maximum bet sizes. Having said that, slots can still pay out very large sums of money, even if the bet size isn’t that high.

While high rollers play all sorts of games, they usually prefer card games that require some decision-making such as poker and blackjack. However, many still enjoy playing luck-based games including slots, roulette, and baccarat, especially those who like taking risks with their money.


Online casinos like to treat their most loyal and dedicated players well. They do this by offering VIP clubs, which are exclusively available to the most regular players and the biggest spenders. If you qualify for an invitation and become a VIP at a Canadian online casino, you’ll get to enjoy lots of great perks that regular players don’t. If you have a lot of money set aside for gambling and some time on your hands, work your way up to become a VIP. The perks at our recommended casinos are especially worth the investment.


To be invited to join a VIP club, you have to meet certain requirements. Casinos don’t usually reveal exactly what these are, but regularly spending lots of money should earn you an invitation.

It depends on the casino. Some sites require you to spend a certain amount to qualify for a VIP club invite, whereas others don’t.

High rollers place bigger bets and often take more risks when gambling online for real money.

High rollers can win big and make good profits, but they can also make significant losses. Being a high roller can be worthwhile, but you’ve got to be lucky to make money from it.

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