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As the era is changing, the online casino gaming is gaining spectacular popularity and its interest is increasing day by day among all age group people. There are numerous online casino games that are dominant now days and people like the variation of online casino games that are based on different exciting games. The ideas and concept of online casino games is very unique and amusing.

One of such amazing invention from casino online games is the “sic Bo” game. The concept of this game is very different and is based on the dice game. Dice based games are known to everyone and are liked by all. This is also a dice based game but has a little variation. To know more about this exciting game lets give an overlook about “sic bo”.

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About Sic Bo:

Sic bo is a game which is played with three dice and hence is also known as a three dice game. This game is also termed as a game of luck and has a bit similar features of Chuck-a-luck. This game has no hard and fast rules instead this game is very simple and has simple rules to be followed.

The player needs to give a reading to the rules and by going through the instructions and rules once, the player will get a clear idea about what the game is. So nothing is hard everything is simple if the player goes through this guide only once. Sic Bo has its roots in the Chinese gaming zone and hence the game is said to be developed from the ancient Chinese dice game.

  • As the game has its root from china so it is also known as many different names like Tai sai, Dai siu, big or small or Hilo. The Sic bo has a very unique name and this is unique name has a specific meaning which means “precious dice”.
  • This game has popularity all over the world but mostly it’s popular in Asia and is played in casinos of Macau. The game play involves the dice so the player needs to know about the concept of dice which involves certain steps and all the three dice will roll the same and these certain conditions need to be satisfied by a roll of the dice.
  • The game is designed in such a way that there is a table where the player needs to place the bet by choosing the certain area represented on the table. The next is the turn of the dealer.
  • The dealer comes into action and collects a small chest that consists of the dice. The dealer then holds the dice in hands and shakes them. And then comes the final moment when the dealer opens his hand and the combination appears and the dealer reveals it.

The Sic bo is for sure considered as the game of luck because the outcomes of the dice will decide the result whether it’s a loss or a win so every roll decides the fortune of the game and the player.

How to Play Sic Bo:

Each game has its own tactics and rules. As already mentioned above this is a simple game with no tactics required as it’s simply the game of luck.

  • This game is played on the table and hence it’s considered as a table game with three dice rolled all at once. The game is designed on the table where the player has to place bet upon. The player has to select the options from the table and place the bet on the selected options.
  • The dice are then collected into a small tumbler made of plastic and the dealer shakes the cylinder to give a fair result. As the dealer reveals the result, the table will show the options selected and consider them as the winners.
  • If the player is lucky enough and has made a selection of the winning options from the table then the player will be paid winning amount according to the amounts specified for the selected spots on the table.

Variation of Bets at Sic Bo:

Like the other dice games such as Chuck-a-Luck, Sic bo also involves two types of numbers big numbers (11-17) and small numbers (4-10) in the ratio of 1:1. The player gets an exciting win or we can say a big win when the player chooses a big bet when the dice totals and results into 11-17 and the player will have a bad luck and will lose if the total appears to be 18 or lies between 3 and 10.this was all about the big bets now moving onto small bets.

When the dice will sum up to 4 and 10 then the player will win with small bet and will lose if the dice sums up to 3 or between 11 and 17. This is the scenario of bet placed by the player and the way of getting outcomes from them and there different combinations. So it depends on the luck of the player and his choice whether he will get a win or will get a loss.

The placing of bet and making selection of bet is very easy so the player need not to worry the outcome of the game will be either odd or even. The player will win an odd bet if the dice sums up to an odd number and the player will lose if it is an even number. This goes on vice-versa.

Summary of Dice Bets:

As already said its all game of luck but still the player can get an idea about the winning bets and the combination of these winning bets.

The following table shows the winning bets and there ratio distributions:

For Sum up of 4 or 17 the winning bets paid are in the ratio 50:1

The sums up of 5 or 16 the winning bets paid are in the ratio 18:1

The sum of 6 or 15 result to 14:1

Sum of 7 or 14 results into 12:1 ratio and the total of 9, 10, 11 and 12 results into 6:1 ratio.

  • Therefore the player can get an idea through these points about the better bet options and can make out the options which could give positive results. The game also has a triple bet option in which the player can also place a triple bet and the payout on the triple bet is in the ratio 24:1.
  • The other type of bet provided in the game is double bet in which a prediction is made that at least two numbers that will appear will be same for example 66,22,77 etc. the resultant payout is 8:1 for double bet.
  • The third type is the single number bet which comes into action when number from 1 to 6 appears on the dice. The payout depends on the number of times the players selected number comes on the dice. To take an example the player will win 1:1 if the number selected by the player appears only on single dice. 2:1 for two dice and 3:1 for all three dice.
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Strategy for the Sic Bo Game:

The Sic Bo game is totally based on luck therefore there are no fixed strategies for the game and winning, such as Blackjack online strategies for example. The only key point the player needs to keep in mind is to place the best bets on odd or even and big or small because of low house edge value up to 2.78% and the triple bets have house edge of 30%. So without taking any stress the player can play a free minded and fair game and test their luck in this exciting game.