Popular Types of Poker in Canada

One of the most popular casino games of all time is poker and reasonably so. It’s one of those casino classics that allows you to both test your luck and perfect your gaming strategy simultaneously. Moreover, there are dozens of poker types you can choose from, especially online. But not only is it super fun, but the game also offers an opportunity to walk away loaded with cash.

Not to mention, the selection of poker variations goes from simple to play to super-advanced, guaranteeing an option for everyone. Of course, due to its massive popularity, you can find poker at virtually any online casino in Canada. If you’d like to learn more about your options, this complete guide is just for you.

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Poker Categories

There are so many online poker games out there on the market nowadays, and they usually fall into 4 categories. Those include stud, draw, community card, and mixed poker games.

Draw Games

In draw games, players get to draw many cards (most commonly 5 and 7) and then trade them to get the best hand possible. In other words, three out of the five or seven drawn cards can be exchanged for a fresh set.

Stud Games

Unlike draw games, variations from the stud category don’t allow for any card trading at all. So simply put, your original cards must end up in your final hand. Hence, stud games don’t require much strategizing to play, making them a great choice for beginners.

Community Card Games

This category of poker games includes variants that make use of two different kinds of cards. On one hand, there are the hole cards which are just for individual players and come face down. On the other hand, there are also community cards that are facing up and are for all players to use. For example, Texas Hold ’Em is a community card poker game.

Mixed Poker Games

Mixed poker games are exactly what it sounds like – a mixture of different poker types. So, you get to play different poker variations in one sitting, going from one kind to another every few hands. For instance, you can switch from Texas Hold ’Em to 7-card poker to Omaha and so on. One of the most popular mixed games is H.O.R.S.E. which includes 5 different poker types.

Online Poker Types

Types of Poker Games

Most real money online casinos offer a decent array of casino games and usually, that selection includes at least a few poker games. Of course, there are dozens of variants but the most popular types of poker you may come across include:

Texas Hold’Em

Texas Hold ‘Em is by far the most popular poker game today. This is a community card variant, meaning you don’t get to trade any of your cards. The game begins with ‘blinds’, which are forced bets, and after that, you’ll get your 2 cards. From here on, you can call, raise, or fold. After that initial round of betting, three cards (called “flop”) are dealt.

These “community cards” are for all players to use to build the best hand possible. After another round of betting, there’s 1 more community card (the “turn”) reveal, followed by another round of betting. Finally, the last “river” community card comes into play. Any remaining players must then expose their cards after one more round of betting. The person with the best 5-card poker hand (any combination of their two hole cards and five community cards) wins.


Omaha is another type of Hold ‘Em that can host from 2 to 10 players at a time. Overall, the game is identical to Texas Hold ‘Em, except that each player gets four hole cards instead of two. Players must utilize two of the four hole cards and only three of the five community cards. Actually, making a good hand is simpler in Omaha since players have extra cards at the start of each hand. With more cards the number of possible combinations increases.

Criss Cross & Double Cross Poker

Criss Cross Poker is based on Texas Hold ‘Em and allows players to construct their best hand with eight cards. Double Cross Poker is a High-Low variation of Criss Cross Poker, in which players receive seven cards with which to construct their best high or low hand.

5-Card Draw

In this kind of draw poker, the goal is to build the best 5-card poker hand possible. To begin, each player receives their own hand, naturally in secret from the other players. On the first time through, the player has the option of trading in up to three cards.

3-Card Poker

The game was invented by Derek Webb, in 1994. 3-Card Poker, which comes from the British game “Brag” has gained popularity not only because it is fun to play, but also because of the ease of learning the rules. This type of poker involves playing against the dealer, and not against other opponents. The gameplay is simple – the mandatory ante bet is placed first, next, the dealer deals three cards to each participant and himself. Players have a choice – either to fold the hand or continue the game by making another bet, the size of the ante. The cards are then revealed and the winner is determined.

Shanghai Poker

Shanghai poker is a type of Hold ‘Em poker but the number of hole cards dealt at the beginning of the game is higher. The initial deal is 3, not 2 cards. But other than that, rules are the same.

Tahoe Poker

Tahoe poker is also a variant of Hold ’Em Poker. Occasionally, you may come across it referred to as lazy pineapple poker. The rules are largely the same as with Hold ‘Em but in this variant, you begin with 3 cards, too.

Billabong Poker

Billabong poker is essentially a mix of community card and stud poker. Although it’s a mix, the game takes most of its basic rules from stud poker.

Pai Gow poke

Pai Gow poker is one of the many varieties of poker, the rules of the game are very different from the classic version. This game is pretty similar to the ancient Chinese game of dominos, but it was invented in the USA in the eighties. The game is played against the dealer, Pai Gow poker is played with a standard deck of 52 cards + a joker. The game begins with the player’s bet, after which the dealer deals himself and you 7 cards face down. The task is as follows: you need to make a five and two-card poker combination that will beat the dealer’s combinations, to win, it is necessary that both combinations beat the dealer’s hand.

5-card Poker

5-card poker is not only one of the most popular variants but also one of the simplest to play. It’s available at virtually any casino and is the foundation for video poker games. Needles to say, the gameplay is very dynamic due to the simple rules.

7-Card Stud

In contrast to the other mentioned game variants, each player in Stud is dealt their own hand. In other words, players are not combining hole and community cards to build a hand in this case. As the name suggests, each player gets 7 cards, three of which face down and four face up. From their seven cards, players must build the best possible five-card hand.

Caribbean Stud Poker

Exciting Caribbean poker is a game that can be played in the casino. And the peculiarity of which is that the participants oppose the croupier, and do not compete with each other. Therefore, Caribbean poker is quite popular in online casinos. The rules of the game o are quite simple, at the beginning of the deal players make a mandatory bet, which is called an ante. The dealer then deals five cards to the player and himself. The dealer puts the 5th card face up, so the player gets additional information. Then you can either bet or fold. After you have made a bet, you need to evaluate the strength of your combination. The strength of the combinations has the same sequence as in regular poker. However, Caribbean stud poker has a unique payout system.

Follow the Queen

Follow the queen is a 7-card stud poker variant, so you get 5 in the beginning. In this game, flipped queen cards become wild cards and the next card dealt after a queen also becomes wild. There are no wild cards in the hand if no queens are flipped.

3-Card Poker

3-card poker is a rather entertaining variant of poker, which is getting quite popular at online casinos. The author of the game is Derek Webb, and the origin of the game dates back to 1994.
In many ways, this type of poker is similar to Caribbean Poker. It is more popular in live casinos because the game is played against the house, which is represented by the croupier. Up to six poker players can play at one table. Three Card Poker uses a deck of 52 cards. Ace plays the role of the strongest card. As it is not difficult to guess from the name, players operate with only three cards, making combinations. The game can be played according to two scenarios, which involve different opportunities for winning and a different degree of risk of losing your funds. Read our detailed guide about 3-card poker if you want to know more about this game.

Other Options

There are dozens of poker variants available at online casinos nowadays and we’ve gone over the most common ones. But here are just a few other variants that may pique your interest:

  • 4-Card Poker
  • Lowball Poker
  • Anaconda Poker
  • High/Low Chicago 
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Common Terms in Poker

Naturally, playing poker requires learning the meaning behind some game-specific terms. While some variants have special terminology, most types of poker share the same glossary. Here are the basics: 

Ante – This is the smallest amount you must wager in order to participate in the game. This figure isn’t set and it varies per the game.

Blinds – Before any cards are played, money (usually in the form of chips) is placed on the table and this is known as blinds. There are often two blinds (the “small” and “large”) that ensure money is gambled with each hand; blinds rotate from player to player with each new transaction.

Call – A call signifies a player’s desire to match the raised sum once a fresh wager has been put.

Check – If no new bets have been placed and the player does not want to raise, they may “check.”

Fold – To fold is to essentially opt out of the game when your cards are not looking promising.

Raise – This is when the player desires to raise the stakes at the table.

Video Poker Types

Video poker, or also ‘poker slots’, is a fixed-odds poker game based on a five-card draw. Usually, it is played at online casinos but it’s also available on terminals resembling slot machines in actual casinos. As the name suggests, players get 5 cards that they can keep or exchange before forming the final hand. Of course, there are many different kinds of video poker games, most common are:

  • Jacks or better
  • Deuces wild
  • Bonus poker
  • Double bonus
Poker Types

Live Poker Types

Unlike regular online poker variants or video poker, which are based on RNG software, live dealer games deliver the ultimate interactive experience. You can play against others at live casinos online and get to interact with both the dealer and the rest of the players. If you’re looking for the real casino ambiance from the comfort of your own couch then live poker is the answer.

Cash Games and Tournaments

Tournaments and cash games are the two basic ways of playing poker. The game’s basic principles are the same in both, but there are a few important differences. Usually, poker games are ‘cash games’, meaning that you play for cash, can do so worldwide, and can leave at any time. Depending on the stakes, there is generally a minimum and maximum buy-in amount. 

On the other hand, in tournament games, players typically buy-in for the same sum and get the same number of tournament chips. The number of winners is usually determined by the number of participants that began the game. Tournaments terminate when a single winner emerges with all of the chips. Players are then paid according to their position at the end of the tournament.


Poker is an excellent choice for those looking to learn how to implement the strategy in their gameplay. It’s a fun and thrilling experience, especially when playing live, and you could win some major cash. Not to mention, there are so many types of poker out there that you will certainly find something to suit your preference. Whether you’re a beginner in casino games or not, poker is one of those options that can satisfy anyone. Moreover, you can find it at virtually all the top online casinos in Canada. If you’re looking to give it a try but don’t have a destination yet, check out our casino reviews.


Texas Hold 'Em is by far the most popular poker game today because of its approachability.

Texas Hold 'Em is one of the easiest games to pick up since you only play with a few cards.

Draw poker, stud poker, and community card poker are the three primary types of poker. Poker variations fall into one of these categories, or are a mix.

Community card poker variations like Texas Hold ‘Em are very beginner-friendly.

No, they are not the same. Video poker games are machine/software-based while live dealer games are played online against other real players.

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