Pin Up Girls Slot Review

Pinup girls slot machine

The pin up girls is an interesting game which gives an instant look and idea of 1950’s style of America, that depicts the numerous hot and gorgeous ladies that are seen in newspaper or magazines ads. The pin up slot machine game is very exciting with the glorious females who are joined by a single male character. The male has a look with dark hair, big glowing eyes and well dressed up in suit.

The basic idea of the game revolves around a beautiful beach near the sea where large masses gather to have a picnic along side there are amazing sand castles.  There is a big roller coaster at one side of the beach and there is man standing beside praises the beautiful scenic beauty of the whole layout.

There are ladies standing alongside the reel and there are number of symbols including the roller skates, a radio transistor, a pink mope and a red convertible. The sound affects are little generic and are very pleasant to hear which surrounds the player with a clam environment. The game is very amusing as it has multiple chances of gaining winnings and free spins bonus.

The beautiful layout with incredible graphics and design make the game more interesting and worth to be played not once but again and again.

Pinup Girls Paytable

Set up of pin up girls:

  • The game has many similarities to the normal 1950’s game instead the only point that makes this game unique is that it provides the player with nine win lines and it’s the choice of player to play the fewer games. The player also needs to choose the coin value as well as the line bet amount that ranges from 1 to 5.
  • All symbols have there own specific function but the highest paying symbol is the male character that pays 2,500 coins for five in a row. The pin up girls slot can be won passing through at least three in a row starting from left ending till right.
  • The blonde pin up is a symbol that pays out 1,000 coins for a full house. The brunette symbol the red head symbol and the auburn haired pin ups pay out 500,100 and 100 coins respectively. 30 coins are paid by all the objects for five in a row.
  • There is a scatter symbol that is dressed up in maids outfit. The maid needs to appear only once on the reel in order to get the stake back but the fact is that the more scatter symbol will appear more the player will get the chance to win.
  • There is a flame haired lady named as wild where the name is displayed as wild at the bottom of the symbol. It appears at the center of second or fourth reel. First it gets expanded to cover the whole reel and then its second move is to get the instant 10 free spins. The background also changes when the player gets the new free spins.
  • The most fascinating symbol is the title symbol of the game and it is also a scatter symbol if it appears three or more times on the reel then the player enters into the bonus zone.

The bonus zone:

  • The bonus round is very exciting it takes the player to a new screen with a different background which has a blank wall where the player stands facing this blank wall and five posters are contained in a basket.
  • The player has to select on poster out of these five posters and pin that poster on the blank wall. The time for which the poster keep on sticking to the wall determines the amount of rise in the players cash that means longer the poster sticks on the wall the more there will be rise in the cash amount of the player.
  • A moment will come when the poster slips down from the wall and the rising of the cash amount stops at the same time. The amount displayed that time is the winning amount earned by the player. After the bonus round finishes the poster amounts for other poster are also displayed so that the player can get the idea whether the poster he had selected was a right choice or there could have been a better choice then that.
  • The game is known widely for its bonus round as this round is the most exciting part of the game. The player has to just select a right poster now it depends on the player and the choice he makes as the poster selected by the player determines how much rise will be there in cash prize of the player.
  • The eyes of the player constantly move on the screen as for wishing the poster to stay on the wall for as long time as possible. This makes the game and the player more enthusiastic.


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To captivate it:

The players of Pin Up Girls Slot Machine will find plenty of gaming options with somewhat similar concept and theme. No doubt all games are exciting and amusing to be played but sometimes similar theme might become a bit boring. This is completely a new and unique concept which will be liked by all users and for sure if played once the player would like to play it again and again as it is totally a fresh theme.

The free spins and the bonus round will give the player an everlasting good experience as it is totally different concept that add into the positives to the game. So give a try and enjoy this fascinating game.