From China With Love Game Review

From china with love is an exciting game that attracts large players due to its awesome theme and different package of surprises. The theme is very different from other known slot machine games and has different features which make the game more interesting. There are some cute animals by the side of the game on the screen which are the part of the game. The game has many symbols but basically there is a angry looking cock and a pleasant cute doggy.

The game is a 5 reel game with 40 pay lines and progressive jackpots online feature. The game has taken its idea of the theme from the Asian script including some idea from china and Asia few animals and fires. The top wild symbols can trigger 10 free spins. There is a fire feature in the game that rolls through the random reel groups into the similar symbol and thus players can win big three levels of jackpots.

From China With Love Slots

Appearance of the basic game play:

  • The game is displayed in a table form with 4 rows and two wild symbols sitting on either side of the gaming table. There is a small icon on the left hand side near the stiff standing cock which depicts the bet placed by the player.
  • Similarly there is an icon on right bottom near the cool looking doggy that depicts the number of coins scored by the player.
  • There are numerous scattered symbols on the board which the player needs to match ij order to make a score. The icons at the bottom show the level in which the player is playing currently. There is an amazing background music which makes the game more live and exciting.
  • On both the sides there are the reels that keep on spinning and accordingly the player gets the outcomes.

Description of pay table:

The pay table depicts the whole process covered in the game starting from the spin till the bet is placed and further till the points are gained:

  • Each symbol has a unique way of getting the winnings with the multipliers for example 5x gives 200 similarly 4x gives 80. This scoring depends on the type of symbol triggered by the player. These multipliers are for the wild symbols cock and the dog.
  • The inverted pot, the three gold coins bided together and the crackers have also there own multiplier value. If these symbols are triggered then the player gets the multiplier values as 5x,4x and 3x which have the value of 60, 40 and 10 respectively.
  • The next are the alphabetical symbols that is A,J,K and O and these hold the point values as:

For A:     for J:     for K:    for O:

5x: 40     5x: 40   5x 40       5x: 40

4x: 20     4x: 10    4x 15       4x: 10

3x: 5       3x: 5      3x 5         3x: 5

Game Features:

The game is very simple and has very basic features as given below:

  • The wild symbols can appear on any reel 2, 3 and 4 and are the substitute for the other symbols.
  • The wild symbols contribute to the highest winning chances in the game

Fire feature:

The fire feature can activate at any time as it is randomly activated and when it gets activated, the rooster waves its wing and the whole base sets into fire which results into all the symbols getting randomly arranged again. It gets activated only once per spin .in the main game the burned cluster range from 4 to 12 while in free spins it range from 4 to 20.

Return to the player:

It has been just theoretically examined that the chances of the player to return back are around 96 to 97 percent approximately.

Jackpot rule:

When the player starts the game and places the bet then some portion of the bet is added to the jackpot. The prizes of the jackpot are not distributed all at once instead first all the verification is done and then as per the rules and jurisdiction the prizes are distributed. The jackpot values are delayed by 30 seconds there may be a lucky player who wins the two jackpots within these 30 seconds. It’s all about the luck. Once a player has claimed the jackpot then it is nade sure that the jackpot gets locked so that no one else can claim for the same.

Free spins:

  • Free spins in the main game are triggered by the two basic symbols those are the rooster and the dog .The rooster on 2 reel and the dog on the 4th reel activates 10 free spins.
  • The wild symbols that are present on the 3rd reel during the free spin activate two more free spins in addition.
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To captivate:

The game is very exciting and gathers a large audience due to its amusing feature of jackpot and free spins. The game is very scoring and brings a great profit for many players. The player who plays the game once can’t afford to play it only once as the game is worthy playing again and again. The rooster and the dog add on to multipliers with other wild symbols. So give a try to this exciting game and have bunch of entertainment.