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Fear the Zombies Game Review

A zombie is an unreal, blood thirsty and fictionally created creature that kills the common people as they are blood thirsty and they survive on the human flesh and blood. This game as the name signifies has its basic theme taken from the concept of zombies. There are many people who are very much interested in playing and watching some horror games and videos.

For such horror loving fans this Slot Machine game will give a perfect platform.  Fear the Zombies Game might not attract all the people but this is the game of the player who is strong enough to face the terrifying zombies and gain victory.

It’s not only the game of guts and bravery instead it’s a game of fortune and luck. If the fortune favors then the unexpected player might also win the game. So as a whole it can be said that this is a game of victory on fear and stars of fortune.

How to survive the Fear the Zombies Game:

This is an exciting game for those players who love to have a horror experience. This is a slot machine with 5 reels and 15 pay lines. The whole set up of the game is made within a grim and there is a grey colored background depicting the terrifying world of the undead zombies. The game is all about using the things provided during the game wisely and coming out safe from the world of zombies. The game has inbuilt functions that will provide the player with the required things that will help them to survive till the end. These things are gathered by using certain game icons and few of them are defined below:

  • Knives
  • Tinned food
  • Fuel
  • Medical kit
  • Ammunition
  • Machine guns
  • Rocket launchers.

The icons are present on the screen with a 3d effect and there is a human who is survivor in actual standing at the side of the screen attacking the corpses coming or approaching him.

Prize and winnings:

  • The player needs to be smart and must not waste the material and budget in useless small spins as this is the game of keeping the things and surviving till the end. So the player needs to give a big and deep thought before wasting his budget on the spin with low limits of 0.20 and high limit of 50.00.
  • The reel with each spin if successful forms the combinations and the player gets the multipliers which helps to add on the points. The multiplier keeps on increasing with a maximum of 5x in the base game
  • The gain in the game is said to be highest if the player is successful to make 2,500x line bet multiplier that is obtained when five rocket launchers are in a single row. This is the edge that takes the player to winnings and scoring.

Dead good bonus:

The game needs courage to be played and there are special awards for the players who show this courage and play the game. The awards include some fun and healthy bonus features that are available in the game. The players who are new to the game have some standard wild icon that is shown by a “?” symbol. The player has an option to trigger a round of free boxes which means to get a chance of free spins. This feature is not active at every time. It gets activated when the three matching boxes of bonus appears on the play line from left to right. The player can also get 10 free spins if the player wins the multipliers worth x3, x6, x9 and x15.

After life spins:

There are many online slot games which are easy to be played and once the game is over the player gets onto his normal routine and can get a clam sleep.

But there are few games like this one which may have a lasting effect on the players mind even after the game is over and may also lead to some sleepless nights. There are few horror theme based games which are not too frightening as this one. There many other more terrifying games like Diablo 13 from pragmatic play and the real fear game which test the limit of players courage ad are much above rated in horror list as compared to fear the zombies.

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Dare and spin:

Fear the Zombies is for those who have enough courage to go for scary spins and have trick and tactics to use there budget in a appropriate manner. The game has a very exciting 3d effect with latest animations and real like depiction of the zombie’s world. The interesting background music and the different concept and theme of the game make it more amazing.

Fear the Zombies has a good compatibility on smart phones thus the player need not to travel till the café to play the game and can enjoy the play game just by one touch of their mobile screens and tablets. The game is very exciting and each player must give it at least a single try.

All in all it will take the player through a small trip of zombie’s world and will also help the player to play the game wisely and improve the gambling skills by making the correct usage of the budget. It also helps to reduce the inner fear which few people have within themselves as zombies are not real but just illusionary.