Cash Machine Review

Cash Machine

With distinct gaming features and high limit stakes, Cash machine game is a 5 reel video slot casino game.

The major concern of the game is the presence of 243 pay lines that opens your gate to a bonanza of wealth and winnings.

In addition to this, multi-colored fruits in the form of symbols such as grapes, oranges, cherries, lemons are available. The game has a simple approach of mix and match.

Combining 5 symbols of similar color initiates the Reaction. It is one of apparent feature of the game where the same colored symbols on linking vanishes and are replaced by a set of new clear cut symbols.

This might continue and previous Reaction may trigger new ones. Every time a Reaction takes place, you are awarded a certain amount of payout which keeps on increasing and can gradually help you win the game.

Terms associated with Cash Machine

There are frequent terms that are used in this video slot game which have been explained below:


Stake can be best defined as the amount that you bet on. The player himself decides the amount that would like to go on with and with each new round or game, the dealer would ask him to announce his stake.


 Every time the player makes a perfect quintet match of similar color connected horizontally or vertically, reaction is said to take place. This reaction replaces the old symbols and new ones pop on, on their place. There may be a situation when the new symbols of same color appear aligned horizontally or vertically. Bingo!! Yet another Reaction occurs which adds on to your payout. You are now entitled to greater chances of winning and earning.


As the name suggests, multipliers boost up your gains. The value of the symbol doubles when that particular symbol wins in the draw area after the old ones have been replaced by the new symbols.

Suppose, the symbol was rewarding you X amount, it will now endow you with 2X.

Bet Limits at Cash Machine

The least limit that you can bet on with is $0.20. Below than this no amount shall be considered according to the rules of Cash Machine. The stake goes to as high as $500, which is the maximum bet amount or in other words BetMax. The experienced players of the game generally go with making high stake limits while the tyros settle to low numbers.

The Cash Machine Jackpot

Cash Machine graces you with Jackpot symbols that are fewer in number as compared to other symbols. Every time there are four or more jackpot symbols on the slot machine, the player is accustomed to get rewards and prizes. This helps you in expanding your winnings. These jackpot symbols and earnings are only meant for players playing with real cash. Demo version of the game for learners cannot avail these offers.

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Cash Machine Jackpot Conditions:

  • It must be noted that only once in a game the Jackpot would be activated. There can be numerous matching of each color leading to Reaction but not all of them will help you reach the Jackpot.
  • In addition to this, one and only one player in the game can win the Jackpot. As soon as one of the players of the game has been blessed with a Jackpot, further placing of bets for Jackpot stops and you can no longer wage for it.

The 7-Symbol

The crown of symbols in Cash Machine is placed on this “7” number symbol. Depending upon the number of number “7” symbol you have, the player is enriched with that level of Jackpot namely Minor Jackpot, Mini Jackpot and Maxi Jackpot.

Levels of Jackpot:

The Jackpots are categorized into two types as mentioned below:

Minor Jackpot:

This can be called as the startup of the Jackpot. Possessing 3 of the Jackpot symbols (or three number 7 symbols) give furnishes you with Minor Jackpot

Mini Jackpot:

Players having 4 Jackpot symbols (or four number 7 symbols) will get the fruit of Mini Jackpot.

Maxi Jackpot:

In order to achieve, Maxi Jackpot you need to have at least 5(or five number 7 symbols) of those Jackpot symbols.

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