Brazilian gamblers cautious in several ways

Drawing on the most recent data, it’s evident that Brazilian gamblers are becoming increasingly conscientious. In Brazil, as the real money betting industry evolves and moves closer and closer to being a fully regulated market, so the importance of responsible gambling has increasingly been highlighted as being of vital importance.

The Brazilian government and relevant stakeholders are working to ensure players are protected from the potential pitfalls of gambling addiction. Initiatives include promoting awareness about responsible gaming practices, setting limits on gaming expenditures, and providing resources for those who may be vulnerable to compulsive behaviors. 

Casinos and online platforms are also being encouraged to integrate self-exclusion options and provide clear information on the risks associated with gambling. By prioritizing player well-being, Brazil aims to cultivate a gaming culture that’s both enjoyable and safe.

Recent surveys highlighted the apprehensions many Brazilians have regarding the addictive nature of gambling, with 25% expressing high levels of awareness and concern. 
This figure surpasses other Latin American countries, underscoring the heightened consciousness among Brazilian gamblers.

But it’s not just in terms of awareness about potential addiction to gambling that Brazilians are cautious regarding their gambling, as we’re about to find out.   

Betting frequency and time spent very much under control 

Online gaming predominantly serves as a leisure activity, which pleases all parties involved. 

A study by Brazilian online casino KTO shows a majority, 61%, engage in it sporadically throughout the year or roughly monthly. 16% of those questioned in the survey said they play once a week, 14% say they play 2+ times a week and an even smaller number (8%) indulge daily. 

The same study shows that in terms of actual time spent gambling, the majority of individuals allocate under 30 minutes weekly (42%), while 58% don’t exceed an hour. As weekly playtime increases, the percentage of participants drops sharply, with just above 2% dedicating over an hour daily.

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Low stakes, low risk 

The same study also looked into the amounts, in actual cash, that Brazilians were risking on a monthly basis. 

Surveying both online and conventional gaming avenues, the same KTO study found that nearly 67% of gamers allocate no more than BRL 50 (about USD 10) each month to their passion. 

25% gambled between BRL 10-25 a month both ‘in general’ and ‘online only’ 

A significant 19% spend below BRL 10, and only a small fraction (7%), the lowest of any, admit to shelling out more than BRL 200 monthly.

Source: KTO

This highlights that for most, gaming with real money is still predominantly recreational.

Brazil v Other LATAM Countries 

Research by Statista suggests that not only are Brazilian gamblers restrained in terms of time and money spent gambling and aware of the dangers of addiction but they’re cautious in other ways, too. And significantly, more so than real-money players in other LATAM countries. 

Source: Statista. 

Statista’s research looked into public opinion on the factors that would make people more confident about gambling online in selected LATAM countries, as of January 2022. Key findings include: 

  • Brazil came top (47%) in terms of wanting better information about responsible gambling. 
  • They also had the highest percentage (52%) of any country surveyed in terms of wanting ‘more information about the gambling companies’.
  • They were top again (44%) in terms of ‘better local regulations to protect my data’ and ‘better information about protection’; in both cases with 44% agreeing these factors were important.  

For most of the other factors listed in the survey, Brazilians were behind only Colombian players, who also show high levels of awareness about the dangers of gambling and the need for protection.  

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